The path of least resistance to you getting clients
focus on what you do best
And our experts will take you through the rest

CLIENTS IN ABUNDANCE IS about using our proven framework in your business.

Look, there are a lot of great coaches, skilled trainers, professionals and consultants out there...

There are a lot of people who are amazing at what they do and can get real, valued results for their clients....

But as everyone out-here knows... being amazing at what you do does not guarantee you will be successful in your business... far from it.

These days in fact, you need be an amazing marketer, a strategist, an inspiring leader, a tech guru, and... if you want to make real money, a data analyst.

That's a handful just to write! 

The truth is many skilled coaches out there are not equipped with the skillset, tools or mindset to build and run a successful business...

...and this paralyzes them from sharing their gift with the world, impacting real lives, and living the life they desire.

You're smart enough to realize... that myself and my coaching agency we are here to help.

Our mission is to help as many skilled coaches and entrepreneurs as possible achieve their desired success... we do this by providing only the most proven and up to date marketing and business, skills, tools, strategies, trainings, and templates... if we haven't made Six-Figures or more with it personally, you aren't seeing it.


We not only show you what to do... we show you HOW TO DO IT!

For some of the fortunate ones we even DO IT FOR YOU.

Done for you MARKETING
Done for you SALES FUNNELS

We bring the experience of building multiple 7-Figure business by mastering all of the tactics and strategies above...and we've spent millions on advertising... we know what works, and what doesn't.

The Clients in Abundance membership gives you access to our proven blueprint and team of experts to help customize the precise strategy for your market and your needs so you get the results you desire.

Instead of burning time & money trying to become a traffic & leads expert, our expert will show you our best campaigns.

Instead of pulling your hairs trying to design & build your own website, let our award winning tech team build your sales funnel.

Instead of being stuck in the cycle of trading time for money learn how to create an online program and run it virtually from anywhere in the world.

As a coach or consultant you need to be focused on serving your clients.

After joining Clients in Abundance, you get to keep your focus on what you do best.

See you on the inside 🙌





you must be a SKilled coach or consultant

If you have clients, fantastic!  If you don't, that's okay! With Clients in Abundance it does not matter if you have clients just yet or not, or if you have a program yet or not...but you MUST be good at what you do. So when we help you get a line of perfect prospects waiting to work with you, we know you can show up with confidence and serve them at your highest level.

YOU MUST ACCEPT Extraordinary results

Most people have ordinary results because they do not take action. If you're like most people who don't take action, PLEASE do not apply. Even though myself and team of experts will be hands on building your business with you, if you're not willing to show up to get the results you desire, you most likely will not be a fit for our group.

Your reason Why goes beyond you

If you want to achieve success bigger than you’ve ever had, you’ll have to do things you’ve never done before.

We are in business to impact as many lives as possible. Do we also make a lot of money on the way, yes. However if cash is your ONLY motivator and you are unethical, our program is not for you.

But if you are the type of person that wants to: provide value for your marketplace, serve your clients authentically and help change their live, transform your life and/or your families life, you have come to the right place.

You're open to joining a community of coaches from around the world

Clients in Abundance is the place high level coaches and consults from around the world go to raise themselves and their practice to the next level. We hand select our members from an array of industries based on their skill and passion for what they do.

Our members help each-other through struggles and cheer each-other during victories. In the words of one of our members, "there is no nobility in going alone"... having an expert team and a community of support makes it hard to lose.

Interested in seeing more of our community?


You CAN collaborate with our team
of experts

I've assembled a team around me to look after my business because I could not do it alone... if you think you can go forward and do it alone, this is not for you. This program will have you working alongside experts for every part of your business... & our entire community of coaches & consultants.

We will be walking you through mindset, creating a perfect offer, how to deliver that offer, modern technology for warming leads, marketing, traffic generation, sales, community building, business strategy for building, launching, and scaling, how to leverage automation so you can spend more time away from your business and be able to run it virtually from anywhere in the world.... and this is only the beginning.‍

Are You ready for life changing Results?

"Anyone can do what I'm doing... but you need an Alex Jeffreys in your life to get you there."
Brooke | Business Coach
"Theres no nobility in going alone... if you can save yourself time & money by taking a proven blueprint and put your stamp on it... you've gotta do it."
Ravi  | Life Coach
"It will be the best investment you spend on your life... ever. If you want your business to grow, you need to grow, period."
Kurt   | Business Coach
"I struggled for 8 YEARS until I finally found Alex & the CIA team"
Shelby | Life Coach
"This will absolutely change your life forever"
Ian | Business Coach
"You have the support of a tribe, and you're being lead by the most motivating person on the planet, Alex Jeffreys and his team of experts."
CIA MEMBERS |  Coaches & Consultants

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> Results From our Community <

Ian learned the secrete of increasing his prices.
Karen finally found a system that works for her.
Craig minimized his working hours by learning how to effectively run a group program.
André is addicted to Clients in Abundance!
Shelby experiences mega success with the help of our expert team.
Arlene loves the support from our community!

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