The Four Pillars of a Seven Figure Coaching Business - 0:00

There are two sides to this business, results and excuses, we're going to focus on results.

Discovering the Four Pillars - 5:38

Before discovering the four pillars I struggled for years watching people right in front of me become successful almost effortlessly. I watched on as my peers began to live a life with more freedom, create more impact & make the abundance of income I deeply desired. Instead of continuing to struggle... I hired these people to coach me. The lessons I soon learned became the Four Pillars.

Pillar 1: The Golden Rule - 6:02

The golden rule is the foundation of our all of our success. Everything we use to build highly lucrative and successful businesses stands on top of this golden rule.

Pillar 2: Client Attraction System - 7:35

We only use proven systems to attract our ideal clients to us every single day. Everyday when I wake up, I want new clients that are itching to speak with me about enrolling into my services. It runs like clockwork, 24/7 - 365, this system is always open and always working… and it’s extremely SIMPLE... but most people do the complete opposite of what I'm about to show you.

Pillar 3: One Premium Offer - 17:35

You only need one premium offer to hit six figures or more per month.

Pillar 4: Hidden Leverage- 28:15

The devil is in the details and that’s why this one final pillar ties everything together.

What To Do Next- 33:30

If you Our calendar's going to open up and show every available appointment we have over the next few days. Choose the appointment that works best for you and reserve it fast!